Today most firms send their tax returns oversees & offshore . We do them locally in North America, no outsourcing, thereby, getting top customer service, high quality (no Junior staff), and timely delivery. We pride ourselves in producing custom made returns for your maximum tax minimization.

Do you have a disagreement with Internal Revenue Service or Canada Revenue Agency? We have won 100% of the cases against IRS and over 90% against CRA. Contact us for a quick assessment.

Corporate Tax Savings
A company earned income of over $1 million, taxes payable immediately. We provided a tax holiday, by deferring his taxes payable for 18 months.

Elie Benatar worked with a hardware company and within two days knew they had no cash flow. He found $90,000 in fraud stolen from the firm, created detailed financial statements to successfully obtain funding from a bank, and turned this company around.

Elie Benatar designed a costing system for a furniture manufacturer and quickly found that half their lines were making no money. They went from $5 million to $30 million in sales.

Elie Benatar revamped an accounting system for custom brokers and quickly established which salesmen were making them money and which weren't. Their sales increased dramatically through a better sales force.

Elie Benatar worked with a multinational conglomerate comprised of eight companies, all of which were well over six months behind in their books. Within six months, he had them all caught up and had installed a new accounting system.

Elie Benatar worked with a travel agent regarding U.S. State Tax and found she did not have to pay State Tax resulting in a savings of over $4,000.00

Individual Tax Savings
A sales woman received an $800 refund from a local fast tax service. We got her $5,500 on the SAME INCOME.

A Doctor who was a client of a large firm was re-assessed owing an extra $20,000. We revised his past 2 years' returns, and got him $18,000 in his bank account, seven months later.

The average police officer receives an average refund of $600. Our clients receive up to $5,000.

An IT Consultant had to pay $12,000 in taxes. We saved him 37.5%.

A prominent figure in the community tripled his deductions after switching from a large firm.